The bus is an everyman’s transportation
     and a quintessential socialist device.

The passengers have to sacrifice
     direct access to their destination
In favor of economic protection
     and environmental preservation.

If the bus were to stop for every individual
     the ride would be interminable.
So we surrender a few minutes
     for everyone’s benefit.

My socialism is synonymous with this cooperation.
     Where we donate part of our wealth
     to the common wealth.

In a $10,000 car, by yourself, you worry.
     You control your arrival time
     and your accident rate.

On a bus, with others, you relax.
     You watch your fellow people,
     your passengers of life.
         The couple holding hands
         The person giving up their seat
         The beautiful girl with the lingering perfume
         The man who shares his paper with you.

And for one brief moment
     we all realize
That we are all heading in basically
     the same direction,
That it is more efficient to work together,
That we can’t live in the isolation
     of $50,000 automobiles,
And that where we are going is not as important
     as those we go with.