We always run in comfortable circles
We always go to the same old places
We always see the same old strangers
We’re always around familiar faces

Science is discovery,
Learning what is natural.
Art is realized.
Forms are eternal.
Originality is a sum
Combining all we know.
Life feeds life:
Recycle, absorb, grow,
Our atoms have lived before
In other stomachs they have churned.
The sun never rises
It waits for us to turn.
Every new place
Has always been there.
And no one finds God
If He’s everywhere.

I know the piece of time
between meeting and friendship,
between introduction and commitment.
I know I will know this person.
I know my life before was not as full
     it was just anticipation,
         plot development,
How joyous to connect the lines
     that have always been laid:
         to finally meet you, my friend.

The next step in evolution
The next triumph of the spirit
Might be cheating the meeting,
Soothing the longing.
So to you, my next, new friend,
             my next, new love,
Before we meet,
Before we connect the bond,
Before we complete the circle,
Will you meet me tonight?
Will you crossover in the world of dreams?