It’s like crossing the
  street and how you know
    when you should wait at
      the corner for the light to
        change and when you can
          cross without waiting and
            when you can cross the
              street anywhere you please.

It’s like riding the bus and
  how you use the chain to
    request a stop while using
      it to pull yourself up, stepping
        towards the front of the bus
          just as it slows causing
            you to propel yourself
              through the air in flight
  And how you catch the
    handrails right as the bus
      stops and you make a graceful
        landing while in the back of
          your mind you realize how
            messy it will be, you will be,
              if you ever screw this up.

It’s like merging in traffic and
  how you know where every
    car around you is and you
      slide into your new spot effortlessly
        leaving your old position for
          someone else who quickly fills it
  And how some days
    you are out of sync
      unable to change lanes,
        unable to get in groove
          with everyone else

It’s like jumping in a river
  and how you go at the
    speed of the current
      blissfully whisked away
        keeping an eye open
          for rocks and rapids.