I am not
I do not decide
I am verdict
and I am tried

I am not
I do not feel the pain
I am not
I am the pain

If you can see me then it’s
better not to look
better not to help
better to explain
and I am not

I am not a debate
I am not an issue
It’s easier to talk
about me than
for me to live with you.

I think therefore I am,
so if you think for me
then I am not

     If you dissect me
     and deliberate me
     but don’t commit to the committee
     then any chance of recovery
     is tied in knots.

I am not, I am not better
I am not better because of you

People take the time to complain
but no one wants to feel my pain

I am not
I am not
I am not your problem
and so I am not.