Doctor In A Black Tuxedo

Too Texan for the tux
     Too proud to wear it with boots

With gray-white hair that doesn’t mark age, but wisdom
     A man would never dye it
With him “What you see is what you get”
     Or rather “What you see is what he shows you”
You could see this hair wearing a ten gallon hat
     but that would be too boastful
Give him a fishing cap, a golf cap
     this is a man made for outdoors
Give him an Air Force pilot’s helmet
     ready to serve
Better yet, give him a dealer’s visor
     and anti up
But the hat comes off in the house
     No roles are as important as the ones that don’t come with hats

So he wears his tuxedo without a hat, impeccably
     with studs and cufflinks
The bow tie is real of course
     not a clip-on
Hem length?
     Buttoned while standing, open when sitting,
     And I’ve never once seen him button or unbutton it

He stands straight
     his bones are steel shafts
He stands tall
     a foot taller than he really is
Looks ten pounds thinner
     but is really twenty pounds heavier

And is always in a black tuxedo
     Which is very strange since I’ve never actually seen him in a tux