Mr. & Mrs. Chair

Two chairs live across the river from me.
They have a beautiful home, a boat,
     a deck and a dock.
The house is yellow, the trim is green,
     the deck is red,
The flamingos are pink
     and the shore is lined with rock.

The Chairs sit on the shore, dozing by the water.
She leans against his shoulder,
     their arms pressed together,
They’d hold hands if the had them,
     but it’s understood.
They sit as if they’ve practiced
     and they fit like no others.

Looking at them makes falling in love seem a joke.
Only time can earn that kind of peace,
     that kind of nap.
Knowing each other so well and helping
     each other so long made them both strong.
And because of their strength,
     they can hold others in their laps.