My Parents Planted A Tree

My parents planted a tree
     Outside my window.
But the tree was too low
     And my window too high.
It was invisible to me.
When I was outside
     It got ignored
     Because there was so much more
     I wanted to see.

But I’ve been gone a while.
The tree grew
     And it blocks the view.
I had to notice it
     When I retraced my miles
     To give my history a visit.
It had grown proud,
     Its leaves blew loudly
     And we gave each other a smile.

I may be near or far
     But that tree’s still there
     Tossing its leaves in the air,
     Enjoying being alive.
We both have scars,
     We both still thrive.
Our spirits are knotted
     Though neither of us gives it a thought.
We feel, we know, we are.