Nature’s Lingerie

It’s that time of the year
When we’ve given up on Winter
But haven’t committed to Spring.

The light’s starting to linger
The dead leaves have left
The brown has been buried
The weather has warmed

I see a few flowers peeking through the grass
Which itself is starting to look cleaner, greener, zestier.

But the real mystery lies in the trees,
The trees that look wise
From surviving so many frosts
(Or so many poems by Frost.)

If you look at the branches quickly
They look barren or even dead.
But if you linger on them…
Run your eyes through them…

Some of the branches have tiny, perky leaves
That gives the whole tree a glow of green
And a hint of things to come.

Soon the tree will be full of foliage
     Bursting like a bouquet
     Soft and Subtle
     Blossoms instead of branches
     Clothed instead of naked

But now it teases us,
Tantalizes us
And like lingerie,
It leaves us wondering:
Is it trying to conceal
Or reveal?