The Anit-Analogy God

The number one cause of atheism is personification:
Trying to explain the unexplainable through human filters.
Maybe it’s better to focus on what God isn’t:

God is not like Sunday school.

God is not like the soulless priest or nun who told you what God is like.

God is not like an uptight minister with a list of things you can’t do.

God is not a good secretary:
     He keeps no report cards,
             no discipline records,
             no permanent files.

God has no sense of time and has no idea if you are tardy.

God doesn’t even care if you play hooky to go fishing.

God has no dress code.

God doesn’t even know what a seating chart is.

Like us, God doesn’t believe in detention either.

God doesn’t check the bathroom to see who’s smoking.

God isn’t upset to see two puppy lovers sneak off behind the gym.

God doesn’t separate the playground and the classroom.

God is not like all this and more.

In fact, the only thing God cares about is that you want to pass
         and you help your classmates.