In a Previous Life, I Built a House

I cut down the trees
I sanded the wood
I leveled the earth
and founded the floor

I raised the walls
and raised the roof
I hung my hooks
and hung my doors

In the end
     I had calluses
         & blisters
         & aches
         & cramps
and my own creation
and my own dwelling

But in this lifetime

a company built my house

an architect designed
an engineer calculated
a representative sold
a secretary xeroxed
a banker leant
a cementer poured
an electrician wired
a plumber piped
a carpenter nailed

and finally,
a laborer labored

In the end
     He had calluses
         & blisters
         & aches
         & cramps
and went home to a house
that he didn’t build
but rested in the comfort he’s given
to hundreds of families
     who’s homes he helped with