Life Sized R2-D2

I enlarged a 6-inch R2-D2 paper model to life-sized! (The original-sized model is standing in front.)


Here are the files you need to make your own:


For the most part, you can follow the original instructions.  Here are the major differences:

  1. Gravity is your enemy.  This model weighs a lot and is only held up with paper.  Use the thickest card stock you can.
  2. Most pieces take more than one page to print.  You have to connect them.  You can either leave an overlap when you cut them out and then glue them together, or you can glue small pieces of paper underneath the seams.
  3. The body is flimsy and dents easily.  You might print extra copies of the body-top and space them inside the body.
  4. In the original, the feet are held on with frictions.  You can make a small shaft, cut a hole in the foot and ankle and connected them.
  5. The piece from above only connects to the foot from the top.  You can add extra flaps to the front and back for extra gluing.
  6. This is the most important one.  All the weight rests on the ankles and is distributed through the feet.  The paper can’t handle it.  I added small boxes inside the feet, on either side of the ankle, to better distribute the weight.

The Original

I can’t take much credit for this.  The original is a really excellent paper model by Shunichi Makino. It’s about 6 inches tall.

Here are his original files to build your own 6-inch version: