“Star Wars” – The Musical

Obi-Wan, singular sensation, every little step he takes

In olden days a little slave boy could bring balance to the force but we all know, Anakin Goes

Start the car I know a wookie spot where Qui-Gon Jinn is cold but the piano’s hot and all that jawas

Hello Amidala well hello Amidala

My funny Palpatine

Don’t you love the Force, give in to your fears, send in the clones

The people all said Sith down, Sith down you’re rocking the boat

Sunrise, Boba Fett, Sunrise, Jango Fett

Don’t cry for me R2-D2

C3, P0, Touch Me, Heal Me

Pardon me boy, is this the Chattanooga Chewie Chewie

Lando, a man a scoundrel man
Ray, a beam shot from a gun
Shmi a slave who had a son
Fa, a galaxy fa, fa away
Solo, a smuggler running spice
Leia, a princess who looks nice
Tie, a fighter that shoots twice,

That will bring us back to…

Luke be a lady tonight, Luke be a lady…

Tonight, tonight, tonight there will be no more Death Star, Tonight!