The “Dawn Treader”

To whom it may concern, whoever finds this bottle,
Send a rescue ship, please come to my aid.
I went too close to the edge, I’m stranded.
I was too confident when I should have been afraid.

I followed the “Dawn Treader’s” course towards Aslan’s Country,
I charted my way east and further east,
I headed the warnings, steered clear of spells,
Avoided sinister magic and the great sea beasts.

I passed the last few islands and still sailed further east,
Closer to the sun, closer to the light.
I drank the seawater when it turned sweet,
When it was covered in the lilies of purest white.

Celebrating how far I’d come, caught up in my pride,
I forgot the last trap the other’s found.
As you near the end, as you face the sun
The ocean becomes shallow and my ship ran aground.

Near the end of the world, near the end of my journey,
Just after day’s beginning, lies just me.
Close to the sunrise, close to lunacy,
There you’ll find my ship treading water in the dawn’s sea.