Source Recordings used on “Trains in the Night”

  • Reservations – uses Track 9: The ‘Whitby Moors’ Special Train At Goathland On A Night In March 1965
  • Anachronistic Conversations – uses Track 4: On The Central Wales Line, Near Llangunilo Tunnel, On A Night In June 1961
    Special thanks to that dog and those birds who probably died before I was born.
  • The Trails of McCandless – uses Track 12:  At Steele Road Soon After Dawn On A Morning In May 1961
  • Nesting – uses Track 1: Between Scout Green And Shap Summit On An Evening In May 1960
  • Lionel’s Music Box/Where Did John Coltrane? – uses Track 7: On The Chester – Shrewsbury Line At Gresford On A Night In May 1964
  • Suite for the Working Man – uses Track 8: In The Mountains Of Slovenia, At Lupoglav Station, On A Stormy Night In November 1970
  • Gates Without Fences – uses Track 6: On The Hereford – Abergavenny Line At Llavihangel Summit On A November Night In 1960
  • Deus Ex Machina – uses Track 3: At Ribblehead Station On Another Night In November 1961
  • Sibilant Ingurgitations – uses Track 5: Near Princes Risborough Station, On The Former GW & GC Line, On A Night in December 1961
  • Voices in The Night – uses Track 10: At Grantham Station During A Night In August 1961
  • Destinations – uses Track 2: On The Moors Near The Blea Moor End Of Ribblehead Viaduct On A Night In November 1961
  • Farewell Mr. Robinson – uses Track 11: On The Carlisle-Edinburgh ‘Waverley’ Route, At Steele Road, On A NIght In May 1961