“Trains in the Night” Liner Notes

Written, recorded, and produced by Francis McGrath
except “Nesting” written by Francis McGrath and Liam McGrath (at age 7)


Performed by Francis McGrath
(keyboards, piano, melodica, vocoder, bass, guitar, drum programming, penny whistle, dulcimer)

Cassandra McGrath: flute on “Nesting”
Liam McGrath (at age 7): harmonica and bird whistles on “Nesting”


Mixed by Francis McGrath, Mark Wilson, Richard Black, and Liam McGrath (at age 15)
Mastered by Peter Johnson


Train recordings were made by Peter Handford: “Steam locomotives at
work from dusk to dawn on railways in Britain in the 1960s and at a
station in the Balkan Mountains in November 1970.”  They appear on
the album “Trains in the Night: Sounds of the Steam Age” and are used
with the permission of UK’s National Railway Museum via the Science
and Society Picture Library.

Samples from historic radio shows are public domain


Album cover by Francis McGrath
Photos by Mario Leal


Thanks to all the family, friends, and musicians who support and inspire me.  You are even more
numerous than the last album and definitely too many to list here. THANK YOU ALL!

Special thanks to my “Nest”: my lovely and supportive wife, Cassandra, and my son, Liam, whose
childhood love of trains inspired this whole project.  You grew up faster than I could make this.

Dedicated to my grandfather, Andrew J. Robinson (1909-2009), for taking me to watch trains
when I was young, and buying my first piano with his lottery winnings.

Also Dedicated to my father, Daniel Francis McGrath Jr. (1933-2016), for always having a Lionel
train under the Christmas tree, paying for countless music lessons, and saying “Cu—-camonga”.